New Mi-14 Helicopters for Sale

We now offer New Helicopters MI-14 for sale (6 in stock as of January 2016)
Helicopters MI-14 is comparable to helicopters MI-8, Mi-17, Mi-171; although has additional higher specifications and functions.



Advantages of Mi-14 over MI-8, Mi-17, Mi-171
1. Operational capabilities in landing and taking-off from land as well as water.
2. Helicopter Mi-14 Afalina is equipped with universal steering screw to maneuver in the air and on sea reaching gliding speed up to 60 km/h.
3. For better access to cabin, Mi-14 is equipped with enlarged movable-door increased up to 1,4m x 1,7m.
4. Helicopter is equipped with the powerful SLG-300 winch able to lift up to three people on board
5. Operations range of helicopter is over 900km.
6. Helicopter is equipped with fuel dumping system
7. The equipment and component parts for modernization, production of Ukraine, Belarus, Europe.

Detailed specification comparison between MI-14 vs MI-8 can be provided on demand


Modern, unique Possibilities for rescuing people – it is Search and Rescue Complex Mi-14 Afalina.

Helicopter SRC Mi-14 Afalina – is specialized search and rescue complex created for ensuring high efficiency of search and rescue works at the sea and on the land, day and night, in any weather conditions, for the purpose of rescuing people suffering disaster.

In-depth modernization of the legendary amphibian helicopter, allows RSC Mi-14 Afalina to have unique opportunities when performing rescue efforts.

The Mi-14 helicopter can sit down and fly up, in the regular mode, Both from the land, and from water. Keeps water landing After steady excitement situation at 4 – 3 points and can glide with a speed up to 60 km / h.
The fuselage of the helicopter is executed on the amphibian type. Landing to the water surface is carried out in the regular mode for rescuing people suffering disaster in the educational purposes and in emergencies.

Essential difference of Mi-14 from other helicopters, such as Mi 17, Mi 8 and Mi 171, is universality of the steering screw by means of which both air, and sea maneuvers, including turns afloat are carried out.
The helicopter can make towage of lifeboats (rafts), it is regularly equipped with system of towage, the winch, coupling knot, cable cutter.

Flying range of the helicopter, more than 900 km. The lower part of the fuselage is executed in the form of the boat. The space in the boat allowed establishing the increased fuel tanks. When carrying out modernization, the increase in tanks for flights on distance more than 1100 km is possible. Thus the salon of the helicopter remains free for placement of victims, freight or passengers.
The helicopter is equipped with the emergency fuel system plum. The system of emergency fuel plum increases safety of flights over the sea at failure of one of engines (for example, at a full load of victims) if horizontal flight of the helicopter is not provided with one working engine (reduction of flight weight for the account fuel plum.)
The helicopter is supplied with big movable doors from both boards. Width of a side movable door on the left board is twice increased (1,4 mx 1,7 m). It gave the possibility after taking the victims on the level of a door to bring them in the helicopter turn of an arrow of the winch. Such cargo door, also facilitates possibility of loading of the helicopter large-size freight (pallet equipped.)
The helicopter is equipped with the powerful SLG-300 winch with a sliding arrow and triple “scoop” that allows lifting aboard at the same time the rescuer and two victims for shorter time.

mi-14 specifications

The helicopter has the new, modern equipment for on the International Flights On Air-lines.
The helicopter has low operational costs.