Mi 171 Helicopters for Sale

New. 3 in Stock (as of 10 of November 2015)

RH side widened sliding doormi-171
RH sliding door facilitates embarkation/
disembarkation of paratroopers, loading/unloading bulky and heavy cargoes, and also
enables application of SLG-300 winch.
In such configuration the kerosene heater will be located under the right-hand door.
It will also be possible to install the right-hand external fuel tank of extended (by 80
Besides, installation of additional set of SU-R quick descent rope system is possible
on the helicopter with right-hand door.
Door dimensions:

Width…………..1250 mm,
height………….1420 mm



mi-171-2Electrohydraulic ramp is intended for
quick loading/unloading of vehicles,
helicopter-borne landing of troops and
also for transportation of long-size
cargo (in this case the helicopter can fly
with open ramp).
The ramp can be open/ closed
automatically from the cockpit or
It is possible to make a hatch in the middle of the ramp for use with additional winch.
Besides, it is possible to install a PKT machine-gun to cover the aft hemisphere.
Weight of the ramp with door is 160 kg.

Ramp weight – 140 kg.
Ramp operating dimensions:
Height………1700 mm
Width……….2350 mm


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