Extensive and proven experience instructing and training security officers and special counter-terrorism units in Israel and world-wide

...experts in combat training, counter-terrorism training, and homeland security.

Carat7 directors and experts are high-level officers and former operators from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Special Forces, Israeli National Counter-Terrorism Unit (YAMAM), and the Israeli Security Agency intelligence and operational branches. Our experts and instructors are renowned worldwide for their expertise in combat training, counter-terrorism training, and homeland security.

Carat7 coordinates a broad range of expertise to provide our clients with maximum results in a minimum time, whether the needs are as specialized as executive protection, or broad as anti-terrorism consulting.

Carat7 is registered with SIBAT, the Israeli Ministry of Defense organization responsible for promoting Israel’s Defense export activities. SIBAT controls, guides, and allows Carat Seven Limited to promote its services internationally and to provide assistance to allied governments.

Our teams of experts are using all of their world wide resources and bringing years of personal connection with key personal and governments in order to be familiar with any military equipment that is out for sale.

The company cooperates with the major corporation that deals with Hi-Tech security and military equipment.

Military : we can answer all of your military needs from a soldier shoes and up to the most advances weapons systems, vehicles, tanks, missiles, Medical and more.

Security : CCTV, Security Fences, X-ray machines, weapons and explosive detectors and the most advance security technologies that is out in the market.

Aviation : Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Transport Aircrafts and advanced weaponry.