For sale Modular Body Armor / RMR-4


Modular Body Armor / RMR-4


Full presentation of Modular Body Armor / RMR-4 can be downloaded from here


The Modular Body-Armor designed to give the user maximum cover area while still maintaining light and flexible design. The detachable parts of the vest allow fast adaptation of the vest for any kind of mission. The vest also features a grid of MOLLE webbing on the front, back, and sides for the attachment of modular Pouches and accessories. The front and back sides of the vest equipped with an integral pouch for additional armor plats for a level 4 protection.


• Bomb squad
• Infantry
• Army
• Guards
• Police

Technical Information

Military tactical vest. which comply according to customer demand.


• Ergonometric design
• One size fit all
• Can be adjust in shoulder and waist
• M.O.L.L.E. system front &back
• Breathing mash for max comfort ( 3D )
• 5 M -16 pouches
• 2 big utility pouches
• 2 pistol magazine pouches
• 1 flesh bang pouch
• 1 small utility pouchOlive green


• Fabric Oxford 900
• Pp straps
• Mil STD zippers
• Polyester mash
• Mil STD buckle


A key design feature for the Modular Body-Armor is that the entire armor system is able to be released with the pull of a hidden handle. The armor then falls apart into its component pieces, providing a means for escape environment. The hidden release handle also allows medical personnel easier access to a casualty.


The Armor plate is designed to stop a .30 Caliber AP and AP m2 according to NIJ IV. The ballistic test is according to NIJ STD 0101.06 with a single shot. The Ballistic hard armor plate is in a multi curve and has a weight of 2.45kg +/-0.5%.


The MOLLE Pouches are made from tough yet lightweight fabric with an internal water resistant PU coating. Designed for professional users requiring the extra quality that guarantees they are fit for purpose and will not let you down when you need them the most. Reinforced zips and track with paracord pulls for use while wearing gloves.


The helmet is a brand-new design which offers superior stability and comfort and also uses four bolts. Ballistic performance to NIJ IIIA. Very high fragmentation protection with a V50 well over 2150 ft/sec (650 m/sec.) UHD molding technology with blunt trauma up to 50% less than conventional products. Lighter weight – at least 15% less than standard products. Superior comfort with the latest internal harness design. Improved head stability with a unique 4-point harness Synthetic leather cover on the sides protect from acid pouring. Textile Helmet-Cover.